Singing Company (Age 7-18)


The “Singing Company” is a Salvation Army term for “Junior Choir”.

Our junior choir consists of around 20 children, aged between 7-18.

They meet every week on a Thursday evening (during term time only) to practice, and they provide music regularly on a Sunday morning and evening in our all age worship.  Any child can come along to sing on a Thursday night, but please do get in touch beforehand.   They often lead worship services at residential care homes.  You can also hear the Singing Company during our Page Park Praise events throughout the summer months, and in our Christmas Carol Services.

They quite often join with the Young Peoples band for social events (such as crazy golf, bowling etc),

The Singing Company at Staple Hill is led by Michelle Dickens, and if you’d like to know more please get in touch.

Below you can find what some members think about our children’s choir:

Image.D1523F84-43E2-47E8-BB62-7DCEDA3DC056 Jessica says “I like singing company because you get to sing new and old songs. This is a great opportunity for the young people to sing because you never now how amazing you can sing. I hope more young people join !









Emily says:  “I like singing company because you get to learn songs and sing solos to the church. This also gives a chance for young people to perform to the church and boosts self confidence. I hope more young people come & have fun.”

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