Meet The Team at Staple Hill

There are many people involved in the management, strategy,  direction and overall smooth running of Staple Hill Salvation Army.
All managed by our full time Corps Officers – Majors Colin & Nicola Hylton-Jones.
Aside from Colin & Nicola, everyone is a volunteer, with a day job, that means everything they do at and for Staple Hill Salvation Army is in their ‘spare’ time.

Colin & Nicola

Majors Colin & Nicola Hylton-Jones

Welcome to Staple Hill Salvation Army where Nicola and myself (Colin) are the officers (ministers).
We were appointed to Staple Hill in the summer of 2014 from Belfast where we worked on the Ireland Divisional Headquarters encouraging Church growth and working alongside other officers to enable them to achieve their potential.  Prior to this we were corps officers (church leaders) in Penarth for 5 years and in Bradford Holmewood for 7.  Before entering full-time ministry we lived in North London where Nicola worked as a Science Teacher and I as a probation officer.  We have 2 children and a Belfast budgie!

Whilst our stay in Ireland was rewarding, we were glad to return to a corps appointment, as our hearts and passions are:

  • Sharing the gospel in a relevant and interesting and stimulating way
  • Journeying alongside people, and
  • Reaching out both spiritually and socially.

The Staple Hill corps have welcomed and encouraged us in our ministry and we would commend this body of believers to you.  There is an expectation that God is and will do amazing things in Staple Hill – it is exciting times.  Come expecting – you wont be disappointed.   May God bless you in your journey with Him.




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