Friday Club


What is Friday Club?

We welcome any children who are at Primary school – from reception to year 6.  We have fun playing table football, games, lego and Knex.  We enjoy playing together on the Nintendo wii on the big screen and having a go at an interesting craft or cooking activity.  We have a tuck shop each week and come together at the end to have a chat and a prayer.  We sometimes have a movie night where we enjoy popcorn and hot dogs.

When is Friday Club?

The clue’s in the name – Friday!  It takes place most Fridays during term time from 6pm – 7.15pm.

How much does it cost?

It costs £1 per child and each child is able to spend up to £1 in the tuck shop.  Each week, each child takes home a free copy of ‘Kids Alive’, the Salvation Army children’s newspaper.

Below you can find what some members think about our Friday Club:

Image.F71B3B87-1644-4E93-B4AB-646CAC1EE626Josh says: “I like Friday club because we get to make new friends and play with Pokémon cards every single week. Even if you already have friends you can play with them with the many board games as well. I hope more people join.







Image.24DEC079-A949-42EB-AE22-958BC6E26A8D  Charlie says:  “I like Friday club because we get the opportunity to play games like drafts and make crafts which are different every week. We also have Lego and the tuck shop where we can buy sweets and chocolate. We also have a Wii where we can play Wii sport and Wii party. I hope more young people come.”

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