Band League

staple-hill-band-logo1  The “Band League” is the official name given to our Band Supporters Club!

Our band is made up entirely of volunteers, who give of their ‘spare’ time to participate in the band.  They also pay an annual subscription to help contribute to the significant running costs associated with keeping the band going.

Did you know that a new Tuba costs in excess of £9,000?, and a set of Hymn Tune books can set the band back nearly £300!

With the average life span of an instrument being around 10 years, and an instrument requiring servicing every 2 years, it’s easy to see how the costs grow.  The band has to be self-sufficient to be viable.

Without our valued supporters in the Band League, we would simply not be able to function.1499619_205505096327054_1012789075_n

It costs only £5 per year to be a member, and we currently have over 130 members in the Band League.

If you’d like to know more, do get in touch.

Watch out for our annual Band League Festival, which we hold especially for our Band League members.  If you’re interested, come along and see what you’d be supporting.

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